An ORC clutch is being used on a waste water treatment application.

The WOR clutch shown in this photo is on a clarifier using the plastic style NH78 sprockets without the jaw style coupling.

This WOR clutch shows how the chain drives the clarifier in the tank and aids in removal of the solids.

Here is the clarifier drive above at a slight distance showing the drive mechanism of the clarifier.

Here are the pictures combined at full distance showing the wastewater tank.

This mechanical WOR clutch is used in waste water processing. The chains attached to this drive system are sediment scrapers used to separate the solids from the liquids.

Here the WOR clutch is driving a waste water clarifier removing the heavy solids from the bottom of a tank.

This is the same picture of the waste water treatment application above with the covers removed.

Here is a clarifier drive showing that an ORC or a WOR clutch can be used on these applications.

Here is the WOR jaw style clutch in action. Note how the operator can manually disengage the jaw coupling when necessary.

The three mechanical ORC clutches at this treatment plant are used for waste water processing.

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