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Boston Gear pinion wire is a type of spur gear with a face width of 4 feet, no hub, and no bore. The gear teeth are drawn (formed not generated) over the full length of the pinion wire.

Most commonly, pinion wire is cut to the specific length required, while the bore and hub are machined to meet the application's requirement - usually when a stock spur gear is not available.

Product Features

  • Pinion wire teeth are drawn, not machined, for great cost-efficiency. 
  • It offers a smaller number of teeth as compared to cut gears. 
  • Pinion wire is ideal for the development of prototype gears for new applications. 
  • Boston Gear can customize pinion wire to your application's specific requirements, making it a perfect choice for non-standard manufacturing equipment. 
  • It's available in both brass and steel, to meet a variety of needs. 
  • 14 1/2° PA, 24, 32 & 48 DP satisfy diverse engineering requirements.

Product Data Sheets

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