Gen2 SS700 Series Stainless Steel Worm Gear Speed Reducers
SS700 Gen2
Domed Crown Curved Design

Domed CrownTM Curved Design

Reduces fluid pooling and improves chemical runoff, lowering the risk of pathogen formation and ensuring food processing operation remains safe and compliant.

Larger Output Shaft Bore

Larger Output Shaft Bore

Allow for the selection of a smaller reducer, especially in low-torque or low-duty applications, if the shaft size is dictating the selection, providing the opportunity to downsize product selection (weight, envelope size, cost) and standardize conveyors throughout the facility.

IP69K Rated Stainless Steel Enclosures

IP69K Rated Stainless Steel Enclosures

Compliant with IEC 60529 and can withstand washdown nozzle pressure of up to 1450psi as close as 4 inches, making the SS700 Gen 2 Series highly resistant to water ingress during high-pressure washdown.

Field-Installed Shaft Covers

Field-Installed Shaft Covers

Protect against potential food traps and rotating elements that pose hazards to operator safety. Compliant with both FSMA and OSHA regulations, installing these covers ensures your product meets the highest safety standards.

Lowest Operating Temperatures

Lowest Operating Temperatures

  • Greater ability to maintain required temperature ranges within processing area
  • Reduced risk of operator injury due to incidental skin contact
  • Lower risk of oil leaks due to minimized internal pressure build-up
High Operating Efficiencies

High Operating Efficiencies

Rigorous testing against competitive models proves that our speed reducer uses less electricity to operate food processing equipment, which generates cost savings over time.

NSF Certification

NSF Certification

Demands a hygienic design to meet the most stringent food-safety requirements. Boston Gear speed reducers with NSF laser marking invoke customer confidence to meet or surpass USDA or any other food regulatory guidelines.

Tapered Bushing Option

Tapered Bushing Option

Eliminates the need for an output keyway by using a clamping force to transmit torque resulting in:

  • Elimination of keyway food traps, removing opportunity for pathogen formation
  • Mitigation of customer shaft damage costs from galling damage that can occur over time
  • Removal of sharp edge safety hazards

Stainless Steel Reducers - Gen2 SS700 Series

The new generation of Boston Gear's SS700 series stainless steel worm gearboxes package the form-fit-function of the original stainless steel speed reducers, with new upgrades and improvements.

  • Improved Domed Crown™ Curved Design offers ease of cleaning in the Food & Beverage industry
  • Larger Output Shaft Bore Sizes for Smaller Speed Reducer Selection
  • IP69K Rated Stainless Steel Enclosures for Gear Drive
  • Field-Installable Shaft Covers for Speed Reducer
  • Lowest Operating Temperatures Available*
  • Backwards Compatible with original SS700 Stainless Steel Reducers

Application Spotlight

Chicken Processing Plant

SS700 Reducers with High-Pressure Seal Option

A major poultry processing plant in North Carolina faced a difficult challenge on its toughest application – a solid 90-degree transfer. As the conveyor separated whole birds from the main line, birds would bunch up at the 90-degree turn, drastically increasing the torque demand on the conveyor’s motor and speed reducer.

Due to direct contact between the partially processed birds and the transfer line, the entire conveyor was also subject to rigorous washdown, adding even more strain. As a result of the high torque demands and frequent washdowns, the conveyor’s existing competitor speed reducer began to fail every other month.

Read how Gen2 Stainless Steel Reducers helped resolve these issues....



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