Enclosed Gear Drives & Motors


SS2000R Series Stainless Steel Gear Drives


The Original “Domed Crown” Stainless Reducer

Boston Gear stainless steel, right angle helical bevel gear drives are designed to meet the demands of washdown applications including dairy, bakery and meat spiral heating and cooling racks, conveyors and palletizes.

Units feature a 316 Series stainless steel housing with domed crown and rounded corners for superior washdown runoff in harsh environments where high-pressure caustic solvents and cleaners are utilized.

With the premium efficiency of ground helical gearing (98% per gear mesh) and increased tooth contact area, SS2000R helical bevel drives are ideal for use in high torque applications with continuous or high duty cycle operations, high-ratio reduction, and limited access installations where long life is a necessity.

Units are dimensional drop-in replacements for SEW Eurodrive® KA Series products

    • Output torque up to 7,700 lb.in. (870 Nm)
    • Input power to 10 HP (7.5 kW)
    • Unique mounting registers and keyless tapered bushings allow for fast and easy installation.
    • Automatic entrapment of wear debris
    • Large diameter oil fill/drain holes
    • Synthetic food grade H1 lubrication 
    • O-rings for high leak and ingress resistance
    • Variety of optional hollow output bore sizes including tapered bushings
    • Motor flange design incorporates an O-ring to minimize ingress of particles of fluids.
    • Accessories include output shaft cover, output flange, base mounting feet & torque arm.
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