QC 700 Series

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QC700 Series Coupling Style Reducer

These units offer extremely fast motor-reducer assembly and feature a completely self-aligning coupling that eliminates the need for a slot in the flange. Developed for food processing applications, the QC700 Series is the first washdown-friendly NEMA coupling-mount speed reducer in its class.

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    • Elimination of alignment hole prevents debris and bacteria buildup
    • 18% shorter than standard coupling mounted reducers
    • Available in sizes 710 to 738
    • 4-bearing design; superior shaft support on both input and output shaft. The 4-bearing design keeps the high speed shaft steady during installation and during operation. The design can withstand heavier shock loads that may occur. No movement of input shaft and no premature leakage due to shaft wobble damaging the seals.
    • The QC flange completely encloses the high speed seal. This prevents atmospheric dirt from accumulating under the seal lip and accelerating seal/shaft wear. Longer seal life is insured due to a cleaner operating environment.
    • The smaller shaft diameter of the QC design creates less seal wear and therefore longer life due to a lower surface speed.
    • Coupling style input as used by Boston Gear in the QC700 series provides easy motor removal and replacement while minimizing space constraints. Most gearmotor failures (85%) are due to a motor failure and therefore a coupling style of gearbox facilitates quick and easy replacement.
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