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Stainless Bost-Kleen speed reducers: robust enough to handle the most caustic and high pressure washdown, strong enough to go 24/7, and priced so they won't break the bank! The performance will impress you!

STAINLESS BOST-KLEENTM (SBK) The secret to the world class washdown treatment lies with the specially designed epoxies and curing agents used. The Bisphenol-F type epoxy, offers a much higher level of corrosion and crack resistance due to the intensity of the chemical reactions and the resulting strength of the cross links with the curing agents. Washable and scrubbable, even at high pressures USDA approved for use in food processing or where incidental food contact may occur.

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Product Features

  • Interlocking stainless steel flakes provide a corrosion resistant barrier 
  • All external hardware is made of stainless steel
  • Provided with 303 stainless steel output shafts
  • Can be provided pre-lubricated from factory with H1 rated food-grade lubricant Klubersynth UH1 6-460
  • USDA approved coating
  • BISSC Certified
  • Washable & Scrubbable
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Product Catalog

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Service Manual

  • Worm Gear Speed Reducers Installation & Operation 700 Series

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