Bost-Kleen (BK) Speed Reducers

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Bost-Kleen (BK) Speed Reducers

White Bost-Kleen

Bost-Kleen speed reducers: robust enough to handle the most caustic and high pressure washdown, strong enough to go 24/7, and priced so they won't break the bank! The performance will impress you!

WHITE BOST-KLEENTM (BK) Bost Gear BK treatment utilizes a two-part epoxy to protect the entire reducer from caustic washdown applications using water, solvents, salt and seasonings.

BISSC Logo and Wash Down
    • All external hardware is made of stainless steel
    • Provided with 303 stainless steel output shafts
    • Can be provided pre-lubricated from factory with H1 rated food-grade lubricant Klubersynth UH1 6-460
    • BISSC Certified
    • Washable & Scrubbable
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