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This brake is direct acting, electro-magnetically released and spring set. It uses rotating and stationary disc contact to supply positive braking action. It retains quick release and setting capabilities at all times.

Simplicity of design has reduced maintenance to an absolute minimum. As with any electromechanical equipment, however, periodic inspection and adjustment will assure optimum performance. As the friction discs wear, the magnet gap will increase. The magnet gap should be checked periodically and adjusted when necessary.

Product Features

  • Double C-Face
  • Automatic Reset
  • Manual Override
  • Spring Set
  • Compact
  • Continuous Duty
  • Dependable
  • Full Torque Stop
  • Horizontal/Vertical Mount
  • Instant Magnetic Release
  • One Moving Part
  • Ready to Mount
  • Shock Mounted Magnet
  • Direct Acting
  • Flange/Foot Mounting
  • Splined Hub
  • Standard NEMA Voltages/Frequencies
  • Superior Disc Life
  • Superior Thermal Capacity

Product Data Sheets

  • p-1485-bg_motors-and-adjustable-speed-drives
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Product Catalog

  • Worm, Helical & Bevel Gear Drives

Service Manual

  • CMBA Series Double C-Face Brakes

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Double C-Face Brakes