Planetary Multiplier

Enclosed Gear Drives & Motors


SSFSP Series Stainless Steel Planetary Multiplier

Expanded Speed Reduction while maintaining operational efficiency the SSFSP offers High Efficiency, Quiet Operation Planetary Gearing.

    • 3/4 HP Max input
    • 5:1 Ratio
    • Nema 56C mounting flanges for input & output
    • Blind holes to optimize washdown efficiency
    • 316 Stainless Housing to withstand corrosive washdown applications
    • Drain hole to remove internal condensation
    • Motor flange design incorporates an O-ring to minimize ingress of particles or fluid
    • Smooth robust housing walls for adverse applications
    • Smooth exterior for superior washdown run-off
    • Polished matte finish maintains clean appearance throughout operation
    • 303 Stainless Steel Output Shaft
    • Sealed and Lubed for life planetary gearing
    • High Efficiency, Quiet Operation, Planetary Gearing
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