Enclosed Gear Drives & Motors


SS 2000 Series Stainless Steel Helical Inline


Series 2000 gear drives feature enhanced performance, design flexibility, fast and easy installation and low maintenance. Units are dimensional drop-in replacements for SEW Eurodrive® R Series products.

    • 1/3 HP to 30 HP 
    • Ratios from 3:1 to 193:1
    • Output torque to 7,500 lb in.
    • The Original Domed CrownTM unique rounded housing prevents foreign matter adherence and fluid accumulation
    • Stainless Steel Exterior 316 Castings 303/304 Machined Components
    • Laser marked nameplate provides worry-free part identification while maintaining a smooth, unetched surface
    • Field installable piloted output flange for mounting flexibility
    • Larger shaft diameters available
    • 303 Stainless Steel Shaft
    • H1 Food grade operation Klubersynth UH1 6-460 maximizes torque capacity and efficiency
    • Unique Mounting Registers allow for quick precision alignment
    • Large diameter oil fill/drain holes for faster oil change
    • Rare-Earth Magnets near gear mesh provide automatic entrapment of wear debris ensuring longer life
    • NEMA or IEC C-Face motor input with 3-Jaw coupling
    • Polished matte finish maintains clean appearance throughout
    • Energy Efficient Design
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