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PL5 Series Inline Planetary Gearboxes are dimensional drop-in for Wittenstein (Alpha) LP and Stober PE Series.

Product Features

  • Integrated helical internal ring gear
  • Stainless steel 416 special non-electrolysis nickle surface treatment
  • Patented output sealing system design
  • Round, cost effective design
  • Patented one piece planet carrier with output shaft
  • Advanced gearing technology crowns lead of each gear tooth
  • True helical gear design
  • Plasma nitriding
  • Lubricated with Nyogel 792D (Smart Grease)
  • With optional premium backlash of < 1 arc-min
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Product Catalog

  • High Precision Planetary Gearheads

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PL5 Series Gearheads