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Boston Gear’s 200 Series Optimount™ helical speed reducers are highly adaptable and can be configured and applied in an extremely wide variety of mounting positions. Precision machined external surfaces allow for accurate alignment with other integral power transmission components.

Product Features

  • Rigid & Compact Design
  • Precision machining allows highly accurate alignment for exceptional performance - an especially important consideration when purchasing a speed reducer for use an integral part in OEM equipment.
  • Standard hollow output shafts allow gear drives to be connected directly to the drive train, increasing overall efficiency.
  • Optional shaft and base kits allow conversion of the reducer to a stand-alone gear drive for greater flexibility.
  • Washdown units are available in white or stainless steel epoxy coatings
  • Horizontal and vertical base mounted configurations make the Optimount™ series extremely versatile.

Product Data Sheets

  • p-1485-bg_200-series-optimount-helical-reducers
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Product Catalog

  • Worm, Helical & Bevel Gear Drives

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