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Pneumatic Accessories

Pneumatic Accessories

Boston Gear offers a variety of pneumatic accessories for use in compressed air systems. Included are:

  • Blow guns for use in chip and parts cleaning.
  • Recoiling hoses for use with air tools.
  • Flow control, needle, and check valves to control the rate and direction of flow.
  • Quick disconnect couplings which allow the air supply to be disconnected from your machine without shutting the system down.
  • Mufflers and breather vents to quiet exhausting air and keep dirt out of pneumatic components.

By offering both a full line of power transmission components and a full line of pneumatic accessories, Boston Gear not only ensures that the product you receive is of the highest quality, but that your time is spent doing something more productive than looking for parts - and that adds value to every purchase.

    • The flow control, needle, and check valves are designed with a knurled knob, brass body, and high-flow capacity for increased durability and superior performance.
    • Our mufflers and breather vents are built with porous bronze muffler elements to reduce noise to acceptable OSHA limits.
    • Push-in fittings, which facilitate the assembly of tubing to fittings without the use of ferrules and nuts, are machined, not cast, for trouble-free operation.
    • Boston Gear blow guns meet OSHA requirements of 30 psi outlet pressure and include a large hanging hook for easy storage.
    • Blow guns
      • 1/4" NPT
      • Nickel-plated, lightweight zinc body
    • Quick-disconnect couplings
      • 1/8" to 1/2" NPT
      • Dimensionally interchangeable with MIL-C-4109
      • All steel construction with zinc-plated finish, inside and out
    • Mufflers and breather vents
      • 1/8" to 2" NPT
      • Mufflers, speed-control mufflers and breather vents
      • Maximum operating conditions: 300 psig
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