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Roller Chain

Boston Roller chains can be furnished in two types — RIVETED and DETACHABLE.

RIVETED TYPE Riveted type chains are recommended for high speed drives, as a greater rigidity of the pins and side plates is secured from this construction. Rivited type is considered standard on the smaller sizes up to and including 3/4 “ pitch and will be supplied unless Detachable type is specified. Detachable type chain is not recommended up to and including 5/8” pitch, but is available in cotter pin construction in 3/4” pitch.

DETACHABLE (Cottered) TYPE Detachable type chains are recommended for slower speed drives, especially in the larger pitches where ease of assembly and disassembly becomes an important factor. Detachable type with cotter pins is considered standard on all sizes 1” pitch and above and will be supplied unless riveted type is specified. Both types are available.

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