Centric VOR Series Vari-Torque

Boston Gear VOR Vari-Torque

The Centric VOR is a pneumatic clutch that provides unmatched dependability for thousands of torque overloads. This bi-directional clutch limits the transmitted torque based on the air-pressure supplied. Pneumatic clutches offer In-Flight torque adjustability without shutting down the equipment to adjust the clutch torque. Reliability is crucial for paper processing equipment that runs continuously and the VOR clutch delivers that dependable torque control. Pneumatic clutches provide more accurate torque control (+-5%) and offer more flexibility than mechanical torque limiters.

    • “In Flight” torque control
    • Two sizes with two torque ranges
    • Operates on static air pressure (20-80 psi), no elaborate air systems required
    • Torque range 250 to 10,000 lb.inch
    • Bore size 5/8 to 2-3/16
    • Bi-directional operation
    • Deublin flange mounted air union
    • automatic switch actuating plate for instantaneous remote detection of overload condition
    • Pressure lubrication
    • Pawl notch design
    • Single position automatic reset
    • Six point drive
    • Limit switch plate
    • Electroless nickel finish
    • Completely sealed
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