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The PDC clutch is a “true disconnect” clutch that offers a complete torque disconnect when the air pressure is locked out. The Boston Gear PDC Series Pneumatic Disconnect Clutch is a ball detent air actuated device. It has been designed to provide accurate and dependable torque overload protection for mechanical power transmission equipment. It has also been designed to provide a remote disconnection of the drive when the air supply is removed.

Product Features

  • Two sizes
  • Torque range 300 to 4,000 lb. inch
  • Bore sizes 3/4” to 1-3/4”
  • Ball detent design
  • Single position automatic detent
  • Bi-directional operation
  • Completely sealed
  • Electroless Nickle plated and stainless hardware
  • “In Flight” torque control
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Service Manual

  • Centric Pneumatic Torque Limiting Disconnect Clutch Install & Operation

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PDC Pneumatic Disconnect

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