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Boston Gear stocks a wide selection of plain cylindrical, flanged, and roll-end bearings in four different materials:

  • Nylon, which offers good chemical and corrosion resistance, excellent abrasion resistance, and low surface friction for long wear without lubrication.
  • Delrin® and Celcon®, the trademarks for equivalent Acetal resins, which are produced by DuPontTM and CelaneseTM, respectively, and which possess high moisture resistance characteristics.
  • Nylatron® GS, which is a trademark for molybdenum disulfide-filled nylon produced by the Polymer Corp, and which offers superior abrasion resistance.
  • Teflon®-filled Acetal, a material with first-rate abrasion and corrosion resistance and high lubricity against steel.

Product Features

  • Our molded plastic bearings require no lubrication, increasing efficiency and reducing maintenance needs.
  • They provide a clean, neat appearance.
  • They are resistant to moisture and chemicals and will not contaminate their surroundings.
  • Quiet operation enhances the work environment.
  • Excellent load and wear ratings at a low cost.

Product Data Sheets

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Molded Plastic Bearings