BOSTonE F-1 Glass Filled Teflon Bearings



BOSTonE F-1 Glass Filled Teflon Bearings

BostonE F-1 Bearings

With Teflon as their major ingredient, glass-filled bearings are self-lubricating and offer a low coefficient of friction. They withstand extreme temperatures from -400° to +550° F, handle high loads at moderate speeds, and have excellent wear and corrosion resistance. In addition, BostonE® F-1 bearings are machined from extruded rods and held to close tolerances.

    • Self-lubrication promotes smoother operation and longer life.
    • A wide temperature range of -400° to +550° F permits use in a broad range of applications.
    • Four different styles offer greater versatility:
      • Plain cylindrical
      • Flanged
      • Thrust bearings
      • Solid bars
    • BostonE® F-1 may be green, white or any other color.
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