Bost-Bronz Oil Impregnated Plain Sleeve Bearings

Bost-Bronz® is Boston Gear's all-purpose, oil-impregnated, porous bronze bearing material. It is manufactured using the powdered metal process with the purest metal powders. This process ensures the uniform distribution of pores between the bronze particles which absorb the oil by capillary action. In addition, Bost-Bronz® has a self-contained oil supply (approximately 20% by volume) which provides a uniform protective film over the entire bearing surface. As a result, Bost-Bronz® bearings are one of the most effective bearings available for precision performance.

Bost-Bronz® bearings are also highly versatile and can be used for production and replacement requirements throughout general industry. They have proven to be efficient under heavy loads at moderate speeds, as well as under light loads at high speeds. In addition, they are ideally suited for applications where normal lubrication is difficult or impossible to provide.

    • Bost-Bronz® bearings' tight tolerances allow for reduced shaft clearances and better press fits.
    • Their long-lasting lubrication offers several benefits:
      • An oil film for smooth start-ups
      • No oil hole or groove requirements
      • The option to be re-oiled, if required
    • Many different in-stock styles accommodate a wide array of applications on an immediate basis:
      • Sleeve
      • Flanged
      • Thrust bearings
      • Cored bars
      • Solid Bars
      • Plate stock
    • They can be machined to your precise specifications.
    • The Bost-Bronz® Emergency Bearing Bank, which stocks popular sizes and offers refills, minimizes downtime and costs.
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