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Bear-N-Bronz® is Boston Gear's general purpose, cast, solid bronze bearing material. It is a high grade, leaded tin bronze, having good hardness, strength, wear-resistance and exceptional anti-friction qualities. It is particularly suited for moderate to heavy loads at normal to relatively high speeds. All parts are rigidly inspected to assure freedom from porosity and conformance to dimensional tolerances.

In addition our standard product offering, the Bear-N-Bronz® material can be provided in different sizes, bar lengths (up to 105"), and with oil grooves.

Product Features

  • High-grade leaded tin-bronze offers added durability.
  • All-over machining permits:
    • Close tolerances
    • Wider housing tolerances
  • Bear-N-Bronz® bearings handle moderate to heavy loads efficiently.
  • Different styles offer versatility:
    • Plain cylindrical
    • Cored bars
    • Solid bars
  • The availability of additional sizes increases versatility even further.
  • The Bear-N-Bronz® bearings are available with oil grooves for additional flexibility.
  • The Bear-N-Bronz® Emergency Bearing Bank, providing refills in two sizes, minimizes downtime and costs.

Product Data Sheets

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