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The Boston Gear High Precision Helical Planetary Gearhead product line consists of five product lines: 
  • PL2 SeriesInline - dimensional drop-in for Bayside Stealth PS Series
  • PR2 SeriesRight Angle - dimensional drop-in for Bayside Stealth RS Series
  • PL6 SeriesInline - dimensional drop-in for Alpha SP/SP+, Stober Servofit P, and Micron UltraTrue Series
  • PR6 SeriesRight Angle - dimensional drop-in for Alpha SPK, Stober Servofit PKS, and Micron UltraTrue 90 Series
  • PL5 SeriesEconomy Inline - dimensional drop-in for Alpha LP and Stober PE Series (can be modified to replace Bayside PX and PV series, Micron NTandDT series)

Product Features

  • Due to the load sharing attributes of multiple tooth contacts,planetary gearboxes provide the highest torque and stiffness for any given envelope 
  • Balanced planetary kinematics at high speeds combined with the associated load sharing make planetary-type gearheads ideal for servo applications
  • True helical technology provides increased tooth to tooth contact ratio by 33% vs. spur gearing 12¡ helix angle produces smooth and quiet operation
  • One piece planet carrier and output shaft design reduces backlash
  • Single step machining process
  • Assures 100% concentricity Increases torsional rigidity
  • Efficient lubrication for life
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