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800 BR Helical Gear Drive | Boston Gear

The 800BR contains a broad selection of compact, heavy duty helical gear drives with long life performance features and simplified maintenance. The use of state of the art helical and worm gear combinations affords optimum performance fulfilling a wide variety of ratio requirements. The 800 BR is functionally interchangeable with most major manufacturer’s drives.

  • Double and triple reduction ratios from 8:1 to 900:1,
  • 4 case sizes – 830, 840, 850, 860
  • All units shipped pre-lubed for your particular mounting position with KluberSYNTH UH1 6-460
  • Available in NEMA C-face flanged and direct input
  • Projecting and hollow output shafts
  • Available accessories
    • Output flange kits
    • Torque arm kits
    • Base kits
    • Output shaft kits

Product Features

  • Available in non-toxic white (BK) and stainless epoxy finish (SBK)
  • Available in hollow or projecting output shafts
  • Double and triple reduction ratios
  • Flanged or foot mounted
  • All units adaptable to floor, sidewall or ceiling mounting
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Product Catalog

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