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Torque Limiters | Boston Gear

Eight different product families ensure a clutch to fit your needs:

  • Trig-O-Matic Lite (LOR)
  • Trig-O-Matic (ORC)
  • H1600 (HOR)
  • H1900 (WOR)
  • H2000 (POR)
  • VariTorque (VOR)
  • Pneumatic Disconnect (PDC)
  • Centrifugal (CCC)

Product Features

  • Bore ranges from 0.5 inch to 4.6875 inch (12 mm to 120 mm) ensure a product to fit your particular specifications
  • Torque ranges from 35 to 88500 (4 Nm to 10000 Nm) provide additional application flexibility
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