700 Series Stainless Steel Speed Reducers


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Boston Gear

SS 700 Series Stainless Steel Worm Gear Speed Reducers


The Original “Domed Crown” Stainless Reducer

The Boston Gear 700 Series Worm Gear Speed Reducer has been a foundation in food and beverage applications for decades. As a leader in worm gear technology, Boston Gear continues to improve product performance by developing innovative designs to meet more stringent demands and anticipated tightening of federal regulations in the food and beverage industry.

Blending trusted 700 Series worm gearing with an innovative new exterior design, the stainless steel 700 series has been optimized to withstand the harshest washdown conditions. The units feature trusted 700 Series worm gearing, a 316 stainless rounded housing with smooth uninterrupted surfaces designed to prevent particle accumulation and pooling fluids, double lipped shaft seals, covers for all hardware and counter bored holes.

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Sure, a stainless gearbox costs more than a painted one, but investing in a more corrosion resistant gearbox saves money and makes the most sense in the long run. Unmatched product performance in highly caustic washdown applications combined with first class customer service makes Boston Gear your first choice for speed reducers and gearmotors!

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    • NSF International Certified
    • 316 stainless steel housing, bearing carriers and flanges
    • 303 stainless steel output shafts
    • Rounded housing eliminates virtually all flat surfaces and prevents foreign matter accumulation or standing fluid
    • Elimination of all exposed hardware promotes smooth surfaces to optimize wash down effectiveness
    • Lubed for life with H1 rated food grade lubricant Klubersynth UH1 6-460
    • Flange design incorporates jack bolt holes to facilitate easy motor-reducer separation
    • 5:1 - 100:1 Single Reduction
    • 100:1 - 3600:1 - Double Reduction
    • Motor flange design incorporates an O-ring to minimize ingress of particles or fluids
    • Polished matte finish maintains clean appearance throughout operation
    • IP69K-Rated when ordered with the high pressure washdown seal option
    • Available in hollow and solid output shaft
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