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Centric HOR Series Overload Clutch


Centric HOR overload clutch provides torque protection from bottle and can filling, capping and labeling mis-feeds which can cause damage to a starwheel or drive mechanism causing unplanned expenses due to downtime and unscheduled maintenance. Centric overload clutches limit torque to a preset level and provide the rotational timing necessary for these types of applications while extending machine life, reducing maintenance costs and increasing productivity.


    HOR Overload Clutch

    • Six different sizes
    • Torque range 25 to 50,000 lb. inch
    • Bore size 7/16" to 3-5/8"
    • Ball dented design
    • Bi-directional operation
    • Automatic reset
    • Electroless nickel finish and stainless hardware for corrosion resistance
    • Sealed from environment
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