AP SS2000 700 Series and Motors for Bakery Conveyors
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Boston Gear Stainless Steel 2000 Series, 700 Series & Motors for Bakery Conveyors

December 16, 2019 2000 Series Helical Bevel 2000 Series Helical Inline 700 Series Stainless Steel Speed Reducers Food & Beverage
Bakery Conveyors

A leading Central American conveyor manufacturer needed robust drives for a range of conveyors used at a commercial bakery located in Guatemala. The facility is one of many operated by a large multinational baking company headquartered in Mexico. The bakery produces a wide selection of breads, pastries and cookies. The plant utilizes painted cast iron gearboxes on the large number of smaller conveyors while gear drives are used on the larger conveyors including spiral cooling units.

Realizing the growing importance of gearbox sanitation and cleanliness within their facility, the bakery wanted to begin converting from cast iron to stainless steel models as older gearboxes and drives needed to be replaced and new conveyor systems were incorporated into the plant’s processing lines. However, the existing conveyor drive manufacturer did not offer stainless steel options. To meet the bakery’s needs, Boston Gear worked closely with the conveyor OEM to define specifications on new conveyor system drives and prioritize specific existing drives that would benefit the most from conversion to stainless steel solutions.

Eventually, Boston Gear began to supply various sizes of its popular stainless steel 700 Series (SS700) speed reducers along with mated stainless steel motors and special stainless steel flanges. The SS700 units feature a unique rounded housing with smooth surfaces and covered hardware designed to prevent foreign matter adherence and fluid accumulation on or under the units. The internal worm is specially-ground for enhanced efficiency and lower heat generation leading to prolonged product life. Boston Gear stainless steel motors are value-engineered with stainless steel housings, end bells, output shafts and conduit boxes.

Stainless steel Boston Gear Series 2000 gear drives were supplied for use on larger conveyor systems. These units feature rounded housing surfaces along with a premium efficiency rating of 98% per gear mesh. All gearboxes and gear drives supplied are dimensional drop-in replacements for the existing competitor units.

Stainless Steel 2000 700 Series and Motors

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Stainless Steel 700 Series Reducers & Motors

  • Reducers are NSF International certified
  • Smooth, rounded reducer exterior prevents foreignmatter adherence andfluid accumulation
  • Laser marked nameplate information
  • World-class worm gear technology with efficiencies that can exceed 90%
  • Motors are UL/ULc certified

Stainless Steel Series 2000 Drives

  • Unique rounded housing surfaces for easier cleaning
  • Output torque ratings up to 40,000 lbf-in. (4500 Nm)
  • Dimensional drop-in replacements for major competitive products
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