AP SBK 700 Series Speed Reducer for Egg Washing Machines
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Boston Gear 700 Series Speed Reducers for Vehicle Barriers

September 26, 2019 700 Series Worm Reducer
Vehicle Barriers

A leading manufacturer of barriers and security products needed a competitively-priced gearbox for use on its anti-ram wedge vehicle barriers. The gearbox is connected (via a U-joint) to an electric drive motor that raises or lowers the barrier in less than 2 seconds. The entire drivetrain is positioned beneath the street. When in the fully-lowered position, the barricade is flush with the road surface.

After a review of several gearbox options, cost-effective Boston Gear 700 Series speed reducers were selected based on superior quality and a premier brand name reputation. Model 710 gearboxes were provided to meet the unique application’s limited space and performance requirements. The units supplied feature a 10:1 ratio and carbon steel output shafts.

Boston Gear’s 700 Series is the industry standard for modular worm gear construction. Units feature a rugged fine grained cast iron housing for maximum strength and durability. Enhanced rigidity and one-piece construction ensure precise alignment of the worm and gear.

The internal worm is specially-ground for enhanced efficiency, quiet operation and lower heat generation leading to prolonged product life. All models are leak-free, self-contained and lubed-for-life.

700 Series Speed Reducer

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  • 10:1 Reduction ratio
  • Rugged reducer housing of fine-grained, gear quality cast iron provides maximum strength and durability
  • World-class worm gear technology provides quiet operation with efficiencies that can exceed 90%
  • Carbon steel output shaft
  • Double lip oil seals for leak-free performance
  • Large oil reservoir allows for high heat dissipation
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