AP Spiral Bevel Gear Sets for Military Helicopter Gun Systems
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Boston Gear Spiral Bevel Gear Sets for Military Helicopter Gun Systems

October 25, 2018 Aerospace and Defense
Military Helicopter Gun Systems

A global weapons system OEM needed reliable gearing for a belt-fed chain gun installed on helicopter gunships used by various branches of the US military. The compact gun is designed to achieve a high volume of fire (more than 550 rounds per minute). The gunships typically feature a chain gun mounted to each side of the aircraft.

A .5 HP DC motor-driven chain drive powers the belt feed system that automatically loads 7.62 mm rounds into the gun. High performance gear sets are required to ensure smooth, continuous linked-belt feeding without jamming.

To meet the challenging chain drive specifications, Boston Gear supplied special hardened steel spiral bevel gear sets. The spiral bevel gears provide improved gear mesh and increased tooth contact.

Boston Gear Spiral Bevel Gear Sets

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  • Spiral bevel gear sets
  • Hardened steel
  • Improved gear mesh
  • Increased tooth contact
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