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Boston Gear Series 2000 Inline Drives for Mine Belt Filter Press

January 2, 2018 2000 Series Helical Inline
Mine Belt Filter Press

A mine facility needed a reliable gearbox to replace a competitor model that failed on its belt filter press. While mud/slurry sewage from the mine is pumped into the press, the liquid is filtered out under pressure through fabric membranes. The remaining caked solid material is dumped as it exits the machine. A synchronous belt drive is used to power the continually-rotating filter membrane belts. The gearbox is positioned between the 1 HP electric drive motor and the belted drive sprocket shaft.

Boston Gear provided a triple reduction Model 2073 inline drive with a ratio of 136:1 and a rated output torque exceeding 7,700 to meet the challenging slow speed application requirements. The unit features a coupling-style, NEMA C-Face motor input.

Low maintenance Series 2000 models feature automatic magnetic entrapment of wear debris and synthetic lubrication for extended gear life. Premium acrylic paint emulsion pigmented with alloy 316 stainless steel flake provides high corrosion & abrasion resistance for long term durability in this tough environment.

Series 2000 Inline Drives

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  • Triple reduction drive
  • 136:1 reduction ratio
  • Efficiency of 98% per gear mesh
  • Magnetic entrapment of metallic wear debris provides maximum life
  • High corrosion and abrasion resistance
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