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Boston Gear WOR Series Overload Clutches for Mine Sedimentation Tanks

June 27, 2017 Centric WOR Overload Clutch
Mine Sedimentation Tanks

A leading water treatment OEM needed an overload clutch solution for use on new sedimentation tanks for a mine in the Western US. The circular tanks have a rake or scraper arrangement at the bottom to remove sludge, and a skimmer at the top to remove the scum. The scrapers and skimmers rotate at very slow speeds and require an overload clutch to prevent excessive torque from damaging the drive mechanism.

Although the raw wastewater stream from the mine is screened to remove larger particles, the clarifier scraper system can still get jammed causing an undesirable repair situation. Since the skimmer and scraper drives rotate at such a slow speed (usually less than 1 RPM), they produce massive amounts of unnecessary torque. This torque can destroy drive components, increase maintenance costs and create unplanned downtime if a jam were to occur.

To meet the OEM’s requirements, Boston Gear provided Centric Model WOR-06 mechanical ball detent overload release clutches. WOR Series clutches are specifically designed to release the excess torque without breaking drive components or creating an undesirable repair situation on wastewater sedimentation tanks, clarifiers, scrapers, and bar screens.

The heavy-duty WOR-06 clutch supplied features a maximum torque rating of 8,000, a stainless steel enclosure, and an automatic reset allowing for re-engagement without manual assistance.

Boston Gear WOR Series Clutch

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  • Mechanical ball detent overload release clutch
  • Maximum torque rating of 30,000
  • Stainless steel enclosure
  • Electroless nickel plated
  • Automatic or manual reset
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