Custom Compact Speed Reducer for MRAP
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Boston Gear Custom Compact Speed Reducer for MRAP Vehicle Camera Positioning System

June 15, 2015 Aerospace and Defense Custom Reducer
MRAP Vehicle Camera Positioning System

A leading defense technology contractor needed a durable gearbox for an imaging system used on U.S. military combat and tactical vehicles including Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) trucks. The system features an infrared camera mounted to the front of the vehicle which allows the driver to detect threats through smoke, dust, sand and darkness. The video is displayed on a cab-mounted screen to improve situational awareness and survivability. The small gearbox is mounted to a motor that allows the driver to rotate the camera for a full 360 ̊ view to safely expose all types of hazards, including IEDs.

Boston Gear engineers developed a unique aluminum mini worm gear speed reducer to meet the customer’s specifications. The compact reducer features high strength bronze worm gears with a ratio of 30:1 and an enhanced torque rating. The gearbox was subjected to various performance evaluations at Boston Gear’s test facility, including cold temperature operation.

Custom Compact Speed Reducer

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  • Unique compact design
  • 30:1 ratio
  • Aluminum housing
  • High-strength bronze worm gears
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