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Modified SBK 700 Series Speed Reducers for Cartoning Machines

January 2, 2014
Cartoning Machines

A leading manufacturer of packaging equipment needed a reliable gearbox source that could provide units quickly for their line of cartoning machines used in a wide variety of industries including food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and household products. The machines are often subjected to routine high pressure wash downs.

Due to their exceptional performance in washdown environments, modified Boston Gear SBK 700 Series speed reducers were selected to replace competitor units. Boston Gear, together with a team of chemists, developed Stainless Steel Bost-Kleen™ (SBK), a world-class, washdown duty treatment that can withstand both high-pressure and caustic washdowns, all without chipping, flaking, or rusting. The SBK 700 Series is a value solution for certain wash down applications when compared to stainless steel models.

The secret to the SBK coating system lies in the epoxies and curing agents as well the process to apply them. Prior to painting, units are subjected to a multi-step wash cycle which allows for maximum adhesion of the final coating. The unique SBK coating meets ASTM specifications for impact resistance and independent laboratory tests have confirmed that the Boston Gear Bost-Kleen™ washdown treatment system out-performs competitive coatings.

To meet the design envelope requirements of this specific application, the Boston 700 Series units have a dual-projecting input shaft and 303 stainless steel hollow output shaft which prevents the shaft from rusting and causing oil leaks. Units also feature an enclosed flange area that provides superior water penetration protection compared to competitor designs. Stainless steel fasteners and H1 rated food-grade lubricant are standard. Boston Gear manufactures modified standard products daily.

Boston Gear SBK 700 Series

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  • World-class SBK coating developed for high pressure wash down applications
  • 303 stainless steel hollow output shaft prevents rusting and eventual oil leaks
  • Enclosed flange area provides superior water penetration protection
  • Dual-projecting, nickel-plated input shafts
  • H1 rated food-grade lubricant
  • Modified standard products such as these are manufactured daily
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