SBK 700 Series Speed Reducers Egg Processing Lines
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SBK 700 Series Speed Reducers Egg Processing Lines

November 15, 2013 Food & Beverage
Egg Processing Lines

A large egg producer was experiencing rusting and paint flaking on their processing line speed reducers. All equipment in their plant, including the gearboxes, is exposed to high-pressure washdowns and the occasional assault from CIP (clean-in-place) solutions, as well as knocks from dropped equipment, tools and hose nozzles.

They were looking for reasonably-priced replacement reducers that could successfully endure the high-pressure washdowns at their facility. The typical paint or coating systems used on supposed “washdown-duty” gearboxes provided by competitors started showing signs of distress within the first couple of weeks after installation.

Ultimately, Boston Gear SBK 700 Series speed reducers were selected to replace the prematurely rusting and flaking competitor units. Together with a team a chemists, Boston Gear developed Stainless Steel Bost-Kleen™  (SBK) to withstand both high-pressure and caustic washdowns, all without chipping, flaking, or rusting.

Prior to painting, the 700 Series units are subjected to a multi-step wash cycle which allows for maximum surface adhesion of the SBK coating which contains unique epoxies and curing agents. The exclusive SBK coating meets ASTM specifications for impact-resistance. Independent laboratory tests have confirmed that the Boston Gear Bost-Kleen™ washdown treatment system out-performs competitive coatings including the Dodge®  EZ-Kleen™  and Tigear II™ .

The customer is very pleased with the economical Boston washdown gearbox solution and stated, “For us, speed reducers with the SBK treatment are a great alternative to higher priced solutions.”

Boston Gear SBK 700 Speed Reducers

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  • Unique SBK coating developed for high-pressure, caustic wash down applications
  • Bisphenol-F type epoxy provides a much higher level of corrosion resistance
  • Durable finish reduces the possibility of cracking during handling and installation
  • Economical alternative to stainless steel reducers
  • State-of-the-art automated production process allows for faster delivery
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