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700 Series Speed Reducer Power Conduit Benders

August 7, 2013 700 Series Worm Reducer
Conduit Bender

A leading manufacturer of tools and equipment for the electrical industry needed a more reliable gearbox for use on their line of large, powered conduit benders. The speed reducers are mounted to electric drive motors and positioned in various orientations, depending on the bender model which can bend conduit up to 2″ diameter.

After nearly six months of rigorous testing, Boston Gear 700 Series speed reducers were selected to meet the challenge.

The 700 Series is the industry standard for modular worm gear construction. Units feature a rugged fine grained cast iron housing for maximum strength and durability. Enhanced rigidity and one-piece construction ensure precise alignment of the worm and gear. The high-strength steel output shaft allows for high torque capacity and overhung loads.

The internal worm is specially-ground for enhanced efficiency, quiet operation and lower heat generation leading to prolonged product life. All models are leak-free, self-contained and lubed-for-life.

The multi-position mounting flexibility of the 700 Series allows for installation in almost any position, which was a very important criteria for this customer. A special tapped hole was added to the end of the output shaft to allow for easier customer mounting and installation. With over two years of service in tough construction site environments, the Boston reducers have an impressive record of zero problems.

700 Series Speed Reducer

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  • 60:1 Reduction ratio Rugged reducer housing of fine-grained, gear quality cast iron provides maximum strength and durability
  • World-class worm gear technology provides quiet operation with efficiencies that can exceed 90%
  • Double lip oil seals for leak-free performance
  • Large oil reservoir allows for high heat dissipation
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