Triple Reduction 800 Series Speed Reducers Conveyor
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Triple Reduction 800 Series Speed Reducers For Vertical Lift Arm Chain Conveyor

May 6, 2013 800 Series Speed Reducers
Vertical Lift Arm Chain Conveyor

A textile fabricator needed an economic solution that utilized a small footprint to lift and load packaged rolls into a shipping rack. The lift would replace a fork truck operator who would wait and load each roll into shipping racks as they reached the end of the conveyor line.

A custom vertical lift arm chain conveyor that automatically loads the shipping rack with the packaged rolls was provided by Omni Metalcraft Corp. Right and left hand vertical lift arm chain conveyors were provided for each side of the tilting belt conveyor allowing two shipping racks to be filled simultaneously.

The lift arm chain conveyors are powered by a motor combined with a Boston Gear triple reduction 800 Series speed reducer. Omni engineers utilized 3D models from Boston Gear which allowed them to confirm that the reducer would fit in the tight powertrain space available. The reducer has a ratio of 125:1 and a 1430 torque rating. All units feature a standard NEMA C-Face design and come pre-filled with synthetic lubricant based on specific mounting positions.

Longtime Boston Gear customer, Pat Hantz, Engineering Manager for Omni Metalcraft said. “We specify Boston Gear reducers as standard equipment on our machinery. With their diverse line of quality products and excellent service, Boston Gear has proven to be a partner we can count on.”

Triple Reduction 800 Series Reducers

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  • Triple reduction 800 Series has a ratio of 125:1
  • 1430 torque rating
  • Standard NEMA C-Face design
  • Accessible oil seals simplify routine maintenance
  • Rugged-duty cast iron housing
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