Stainless Steel Motors 700 Series Reducers
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Stainless Steel Motors and 700 Series Reducers For Deli Meat Processing and Packaging Lines

January 21, 2013 700 Series Stainless Steel Speed Reducers Food & Beverage
Deli Meat Packaging

A major deli meat producer required powertrain components that could withstand caustic washdowns on their high-volume processing and packaging lines. To meet the challenge, Boston Gear stainless steel 700 Series speed reducers and  matching stainless steel motors were selected. The engineered solution provided sourcing convenience as well as maximum performance and life of the paired  components.

Stainless steel 700 Series speed reducers feature a unique rounded housing with smooth surfaces and covered hardware designed to prevent foreign matter adherence and fluid accumulation on or under the units. The internal worm is specially-ground for enhanced efficiency and lower heat generation leading to prolonged product life. All models are self-contained and lubed-for-life with H1 food-grade lubricant (Klubersynth UH 1 6-460). The housings, motor flange, and carrier are crafted from 316SS to endure tough, caustic washdowns while preventing microbial contamination and bacterial growth.

Boston Gear stainless steel motors are value-engineered for washdown performance with a 300 Series stainless steel housing, end bells, output shaft and conduit box. Units conform to 2007 EISA efficiency standards and feature epoxy-coated windings and internally-locked bearings to eliminate unwanted axial movement.

Stainless Motor and 700 Reducer

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  • NSF International certified
  • Smooth, rounded reducer exterior prevents foreign matter adherence and fluid accumulation
  • Motors and reducers are designed for caustic wash down applications
  • Motors are UL/ULc certified
  • Nameplate information laser marked directly onto main housing
  • World-class worm gear technology with efficiencies that can exceed 90%
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