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Boston Gear's HTD® timing belts combine the advantages of a flat belt with the positive-grip features of chain and gear drives. As the timing belt travels over the teeth of the pulley, there is no slippage like there is with flat belts. Since only a minimal amount of belt tension is required to prevent this slippage, the bearing loads on the driving shaft is reduced. And unlike gear and chain drives, which require lubrication, these timing belts need none, which make them easy to operate and easy to maintain.

Our timing belts and pulleys come in a wide selection of ratios and center distances, to ensure a fit for every situation.

Features and Benefits

  • Boston Gear's timing belts and pulleys allow power transmission without slippage for superior performance.
  • They offer greater strength and lower stress concentration than conventional timing belts.
  • They can accommodate a wide temperature range from 0°F to 185°F.
  • Pulleys are available with either one, two, or no flanges at all.
  • And because the belts are reinforced with fiberglass, they tolerate rigorous conditions nicely.

Sample Applications

  • Business machines
  • Medical equipment
  • Office equipment
  • Sorting machinery
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