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Boston Gear's worms and worm gears provide an effective answer for power transmission applications requiring high-ratio speed reduction in a limited space using right angle (90°), non-intersecting shafts. When properly applied, worms and worm gears provide the smoothest, quietest form of gearing.

Because the efficiency of a worm gear drive depends on the lead angle and number of starts on the worm - and because increased efficiency is always a goal, the ratio should be kept as low as possible. To run properly, worms and worm gears used together must have the same diametral pitch and threads.

Our complete line of worms and worm gears can be ordered through the Boston Gear Guaranteed Same Day Shipment Program for the fastest delivery possible.

Features and Benefits

  • 90°, non-intersecting shaft applications answer highly specialized power transmission needs.
  • Our worm gears offer the smoothest, quietest form of gearing.
  • They provide high-ratio speed reduction in minimal spaces.
  • Their efficiency is easily increased by lowering ratios.
  • With some ratios, there is resistance to back driving.

Sample Applications

  • Packaging machinery
  • Material handling
    • Shrink wrappers
    • Conveyors
    • Pallet loaders
  • Machine tools
  • Indexing
  • Food processing machinery


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