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Boston Gear's stock miter and bevel gears are specifically designed for the efficient transmission of power and motion between intersecting shafts at a right angle (90°). Miter gears are a special type of bevel gear designed to operate in pairs with identical numbers of teeth and diametral pitches, and a 1:1 ratio. Other Boston Gear stock bevel gears sets are available with ratios from 1-1/2:1 to 6:1.

All Boston Gear standard stock bevels and miters are manufactured with a 20° pressure angle and are produced in accordance with AGMA specifications for long and short gear and pinion addendum systems to reduce the amount of pinion tooth undercut and to nearly equalize the strength and durability of the gear and pinion. Our straight tooth bevel and miter gears have generated teeth with Coniflex® tooth form. Our spiral bevel and miter gears have an overlapping tooth action that results in a smoother, quieter gear action, as well as a higher load capacity than a straight tooth gear of equal size.

® Trademark of the Gleason Works.

Features and Benefits

  • 90° intersecting shaft applications provide highly efficient operation.
  • The Coniflex® tooth form extends operating life and offers smoother, quieter operation.
  • Spiral bevel and miter gears handle higher speeds and greater torque loads more smoothly and quietly than ever before.
  • Hardened or unhardened teeth offer versatility
  • Miter gears provide a steady 1:1 ratio.
  • Bevel gears provide the flexibility of 1-1/2:1 to 6:1 ratios

Sample Applications

  • Printing
  • Agriculture
  • Bottling
  • Material handling
  • Steering


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