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Clutches and brakes are a prudent addition to constant speed motor/reducer drives and adjustable speed systems - and are the right choice when high inertia loads exist or frequent starts and stops exceed the capabilities of standard motors.

Boston Gear's clutch and brake designs are the result of many years of manufacturing and application experience. As such, they are both rugged and reliable, providing maximum performance. Our clutch and brake product line includes four major groups: C-face clutch/brakes, C-face clutches, foot mounted clutch/brakes and shaft mounted clutches, brakes and combination clutch/brakes .

Features and Benefits

  • Our two main product families - electro-mechanical clutches and brakes and AC brakes- satisfy a variety of engineering designs.
  • Four mounting styles, including C-face, foot mount, shaft mount, and motor brake kits - meet diverse configuration requirements.
  • Our clutches and brakes are ruggedly constructed for reliable performance and long life.
  • The two-year warranties make them a trusted component and a good buy.
  • A broad range of complementary products, including enclosed gear drives, AC and DC motors, overload clutches, and a vast array of mechanical power transmission components, simplify installation and maintenance.
  • Because Boston Gear's electrical clutches and brakes are simple to inspect and disassemble, routine maintenance is easier and more cost effective.
  • Their availability through Boston Gear's innovative Guaranteed Same Shipment Program ensures that your machines will always be running.

Sample Applications

  • High-response loads
  • Reversing loads
  • Linear positioning
  • Indexing and jogging applications
  • Emergency stops
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